Michelle Moss

This is my story

“Everyone has a story…”

We often hear that expression following an account of someone’s life experience, be it sad, happy, a moment in time faced with difficulty, tragedy or even good fortune.

I believe the story is about the outcome that follows the experience. The messages, questions and thoughts energised and how actions change and behaviours evolve as a result of the story.

So, here is my story, together with the outcome… here’s my ‘why’.

I want to share my thoughts, the events, the challenges and even the humour, which has brought me to where I am today.

The backstory…

Over recent years my husband endured a number of life-threatening illnesses, starting with a stroke, followed by prostate cancer, a quadruple bypass and then the return of the cancer.

Dealing with these health issues was stressful and very confronting, particularly as they came upon us rather suddenly AND surprisingly when we thought we were living a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout this time I also had health concerns of my own simmering below the surface … with endometriosis, body image and weight issues, along with a number of metabolic syndrome markers such as rising cholesterol levels, eczema, gut issues and becoming pre-diabetic.

Whilst my concerns were not life threatening, it was pretty clear we were both in pretty poor condition.

When I reflect on these events, it’s difficult to imagine how we dealt internally with such heightened stress levels while outwardly maintaining composure, but hey… everyone has a story, right? You just have to roll up your sleeves and get on with it, right?

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And so the journey began…

These combined events over a short number of years had a defining impact on me … a light bulb moment, clearly there was something was very, very wrong.

I began questioning how we found ourselves in this situation, but more importantly what needed to change? Was it the conventional wisdom of our medical and dietary advice, the way we lived our life or a combination of both?

Being a curious little soul, I had to seek out the how, why, what, the cause and effect of living a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally and mentally.

The extensive research began … I started educating myself, attending every seminar, workshop and lecture I could, I listened to podcasts, bought books and read everything I could lay my hands on. My curiosity and the knowledge gained earned me the confidence to ask searching questions and engage in robust but rewarding conversations with professionals across this spectrum.

I also learned the importance of seeking to understand this knowledge at a deeper level, whilst keeping a balanced and open mind.


Perhaps most importantly I surrounded myself with key support people and mentors who I refer to as my circle of trust, my support crew. Building strong connections with our GP, Dietician, Personal Trainer, Psychologist, Naturopath, Myotherapist and Meditation Teacher, amongst many others has been pivotal. Our circle provided a wealth of knowledge, guidance and support to draw upon and simultaneously challenge me both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have great admiration and will be forever grateful for this inspiring, supportive and amazing group of people.



In conjunction with all of the above, I have completed studies in health and nutrition, allowing me to share my knowledge and observations as a health coach, nutrition advisor and educator.

  • Advanced Certificate of Nutrition & Health (Specialising in Healthy Body Weight)
    1. Certification of Nutrition & Diet
    2. Certificate of Health Body Weight Nutrition
  • Nutrition Network Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment
  • Nutrition Network Advisor Training
  • Nutrition Network Diabetes Reversal Training
  • Nutrition Network Neurology: Keto for Migraines, Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease
a passion ignited

My husband and I are now enjoying a healthier, more relaxed and balanced lifestyle, we have experienced overwhelming improvements in our health, reduced cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels, improved cardiovascular health, quality of sleep, increased energy levels and now able to control body weight without effort.

What emerged from my story became a dedicated and evolving enthusiasm to achieve and maintain a healthy balanced life, physically, emotionally and mentally.

As a consequence… HOLISTIC PILLARS was born.

My blog shares what has worked for us and how concentrating on the five pillars (Fuel, Rest, Move, Mind and Connect) of wellbeing has transformed our lives.

Michelle x

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