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Introducing the Chaos to Calm Program

It’s finally here…my new signature ‘Chaos to Calm Program’. This is a coaching and wellbeing program a long time in the making, and it has been created thoughtfully with loads of passion and from a deep place in my heart. My passion project and vision are coming to life… Over the past few years, I have been extremely proud to share my story, step into my fear and build this incredible lifestyle platform and coaching program which I just know will support many in their quest for optimal health. Why [...]

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What is ‘Holistic Pillars’ all about?

My strong passion for health and wellness was ignited by a personal journey of transformation from illness and trauma to discovery, growth, recovery and celebration. My journey has been all about digging deep to understand the root causes of our health issues, spotting the areas screaming for change, and then taking some giant leaps to set a new direction and ultimately return to good health. Throughout the transformation process, curiosity was key. The more curious I became, the more doors and opportunities opened. The more I learnt, the more [...]

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FEATURE: AGL Thrive “How to build your support crew”

Grateful. Thankful. It is an absolute honour to feature in this month's ‘Thrive Magazine’, a publication created by my employer (AGL) for all employees. A wonderful platform filled with inspiration and practical health and well-being tips and stories. I feel very fortunate and blessed to work for a company that not only aligns to my core values but also supports and embraces my little ‘passion project’, Holistic Pillars. It’s a perfect fit… The article contains a little snippet of ‘my story’, followed by a few tips to support living [...]

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Sleep Science with Rob Hart

Part 1 - Sleep Science I am delighted to share my recent chat with Rob Hart, Corporate Wellbeing Specialist. Rob has 20+ years experience in the energy sector in global roles with a background in wellbeing, human performance and psychology. He is the founder of Zest Learning with a passion for leading Health and Wellness practices within the corporate environment. In our very relaxed chat we talked about 'Sleep Science'. Why sleep is so important, the science, the benefits and how we can maximise the quality of our [...]

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Health Coaching beyond food with Tracey McBeath

Creating freedom using '3 Principles' I recently had the honour of chatting with my beautiful friend and inspiring health coach, Tracey McBeath. Tracey has had her own wellness journey of discovery resulting in her adapting the low carb lifestyle, becoming a health coach and then creating her coaching platform Tracey McBeath Health Coaching. In this chat (Part 3 of our 3 Part Series) Tracey discusses 'Health Coaching beyond food' how she discovered additional pieces to the wellbeing puzzle tapping into the mind, connecting thought with feelings and creating [...]

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Understanding Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome

As I explored the reasons for our poor health, I began to understand the ins and outs of Chronic Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome - and the impact they were having on our life.  We didn’t realise these two things were playing havoc with our health. I began to explore what we could do to reduce the risks and restore our health.  Lots of questions and lots to absorb…not to mention, a very confronting moment when you realise like in our case, that our lifestyle was making us unwell. That’s when [...]

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How to build your support crew

We were unfit (or rather not as fit as we should have been), overweight and pretty stressed out. We were living a busy, chaotic life and it was making us unwell. We were very happy, but not living our best life! Knowing you need to change is one thing, making it happen is another! Change can be difficult, uncomfortable and often confronting… it can fill you with doubt, insecurity, and uncertainty. When I commenced my road to a new lifestyle some 5 or so years ago I knew I just [...]

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