We were unfit (or rather not as fit as we should have been), overweight and pretty stressed out. We were living a busy, chaotic life and it was making us unwell. We were very happy, but not living our best life!

Knowing you need to change is one thing, making it happen is another!

Change can be difficult, uncomfortable and often confronting… it can fill you with doubt, insecurity, and uncertainty. When I commenced my road to a new lifestyle some 5 or so years ago I knew I just couldn’t go it alone but I just didn’t know where to start, who to ask for help.

I needed some help making sense of everything, I needed guidance … I needed a support crew.

We are all different and have different needs and strengths but this is what I (we) needed, this is my core team… my support crew. People who have walked beside me every step of the way. This circle of trust provided a wealth of knowledge, guidance and support to draw upon and simultaneously challenge me.


My amazing GP, Dr Zeeshan Arain, a supportive, calming and instrumental influence in our change and return to good health. Keeping a very close eye on our progress, gently steering us in the right direction providing guidance every step of the way.

My Dietician

Vicky Kuriel, my Dietician and guiding light on all things nutrition. In particular the world of LCHF, Ketogenic and Paleo lifestyles. Understanding that food is medicine and how nutrition plays such a pivotal role in overall health.

My Psychologist

Engaging a Psychologist to support trauma and stress, validating our emotions and providing fantastic techniques to promote and manage mindfulness and being present in the moment.

My Naturopath

Narelle Donald, Naturopath & Homeopath, extra support for healing and strengthening the body using natural and herbal medicines. A gentle hand (and much appreciated hugs), again another amazing soul who provided support and guidance.

My Myotherapist

Michelle Pollard, Myotherapist, ongoing body maintenance for all those niggles (and there’s been a few along the way). Always available to work through the odd injury as we pushed our bodies that little bit harder.


A critical component to the success of our transformation has been the encouragement and support provided by the team of Personal Trainers at our local gym. Keeping us accountable, setting goals and providing a fabulous platform for our overall physical well-being.

My Meditation teacher

We have found some wonderful mindfulness coaches and mentors as we entered the world of meditation, relaxation and awareness, providing techniques for taming the mind and remaining centred.

A big thanks goes to this amazing group of people.

Build your support crew
Be it family, friends or professional help there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded, kind, understanding humans that have your back and truly care about your well-being. Surround yourself with people who can provide the knowledge, skills and tools to make the changes you are striving for permanent, in our case restoring health and wellbeing.

Right … so, I have my crew, who is in yours?

8 easy steps to building your support crew

  1. Identify what you would like to change – reduce Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome Risks, lose weight, be more relaxed, exercise, reduce medication, etc.
  2. Research who could help you – a new doctor, a particular specialist, a personal trainer, a counsellor.
  3. Reach out – step out of your comfort zone and be confident to engage people who can help you navigate through the maze of information.
  4. Ask questions, educate yourself, fill yourself with knowledge
  5. Take baby steps, be kind to yourself and embrace the new you
  6. Set goals, embrace self discipline and plan your approach
  7. Benchmark and measure your progress
  8. Reward and celebrate along the way, even those seemingly small wins are worth celebrating (but preferably not with chocolate, wine or hot chips)

Go on, take the next step, reach out and connect. You have nothing to lose… but everything to gain.

Live your best life

Michelle x