Like millions of people before me I lived a life constantly on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round. You name it, I’ve tried it… from The Cabbage Soup Diet, Weight Watchers, Michelle Bridges, Low fat, No fat, High Carb, The Grapefruit Diet, The Beef one day, Broccoli the next day Diet, I think there was even the Apple and Cheese Diet. I was always searching for the quick fix, always having great success with weight loss but always returning some time later to my original state and worse. Nothing seemed sustainable, long term or easy to manage.

Over the years of repeating these damaging patterns I saw an increase in weight and a decrease in positivity and confidence, body image became an issue, and I became irritable and frustrated. I also felt increasingly unwell and constantly bloated, I developed gut issues and eczema, and saw a significant rise in cholesterol levels and blood sugars indicating a pre-diabetic state.

I was spiralling out of control.  I needed to get off the merry-go round. Something needed to change.

So, the journey starts here… I got serious, I began my exploration and discovery by gaining a thorough understanding of the medical issues associated with how I was feeling and how the lifestyle choices I was making were contributing to my poor health.

Fast forward a few months (and this was about 5 years or so ago) and I was showing all the signs of metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance & inflammation. Yes, metabolic syndrome was front and centre and until my journey began, I simply didn’t know what metabolic syndrome and inflammation were, what it meant to or how to fix it.

In summary, Metabolic Syndrome, (Insulin Resistance and Inflammation) is a group of conditions that occur together, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. It is conditions such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

The good news is that all risks can be reduced (and even reversed) through making better lifestyle choices like choosing optimal nutrition, including regular movement in your routine, allowing your body to rest and having strategies to manage stress.

What lifestyle changes can I make?

So, first things first …. what is the best and most appropriate fuel source to combat my (our) health issues? Difficult question to answer but the research conducted pointed me in the direction of the LCHF (Low Carb High/Healthy Fat) Lifestyle. A lifestyle incorporating low carb nutrition with JERFing and Intermittent Fasting, whilst not forgetting about rest, mindfulness and exercise.

What is the LCHF lifestyle? Why did I choose this WOE (way of eating)?

The basic principles of LCHF

Just Eat Real Food. Eating an abundance of nutrient dense quality produce. Avoiding stuff out of packets, cooking from scratch and enjoying the flavour of real food.

Plenty of non-starchy veggies
Occasional fruit
Quality (grass-fed/organic/free range) proteins
Wild caught, sustainable seafood
Good quality healthy natural fats – avocado, nuts and seeds, olive oil, butter
Dairy – full fat of course.

Processed carbs – Bread, Rice, Pasta, Cakes, Cereals
Soft drinks and juice
Trans fats (such as vegetable and seed oils, margarines, fried food)

Water, coffee, teas
If drinking alcohol, chose low carb ie red wine

Eat when hungry, until full
Listen to your body and eat to hunger. Eating adequate amounts of good quality proteins and fats will keep you satiated for long periods of time.

Introduce Intermittent Fasting
Try various fasting protocols, stick with it, the health benefits are phenomenal

Exploring and adapting the LCHF lifestyle has resulted in an extraordinary transformation in my overall health and well-being. I quickly learnt that my body loved this way of living. I almost immediately felt energised, cleansed, and lighter.

My TOP 3 benefits of adopting the LCHF lifestyle

Extraordinary improvements in health
With commitment, persistence and a consistent approach, I (we) have achieved extraordinary improvements in significant health challenges. Metabolic syndrome risks and Inflammation is now under control. I have experienced a reduction in weight, restored gut health, show no signs of eczema and my cholesterol and blood sugars have returned to normal.

Being able to listen to my body
Changing my thinking. Listening to my body and focusing more on how I feel (it’s not about a number). Ensuring I focus on nutrient dense foods, well balanced macro ratios, eat when hungry until full (incl. fasting), loads of quality movement, resting when needed and getting enough quality sleep.

Feeling relaxed with clearer thoughts
Happiness level. ‘Doing life’ with a positive mindset, I feel so relaxed, have clearer thoughts, don’t feel stressed, have loads of energy, vitality and feel that I can give so much more to those around me.

If you want more info however feel free to drop me a note.

Live your best life,

Michelle x