My strong passion for health and wellness was ignited by a personal journey of transformation from illness and trauma to discovery, growth, recovery and celebration.

My journey has been all about digging deep to understand the root causes of our health issues, spotting the areas screaming for change, and then taking some giant leaps to set a new direction and ultimately return to good health.

Throughout the transformation process, curiosity was key. The more curious I became, the more doors and opportunities opened. The more I learnt, the more light bulb moments I experienced, and the more I understood and invited change.

The process was amazing, but also at times confronting, challenging and uncomfortable.

What changed?

I learnt that my husband and I were kidding ourselves, that we weren’t healthy. We were highly inflamed, insulin resistant and suffering Metabolic Syndrome.

We were making poor lifestyle choices, believing in the ‘food pyramid’, living on the dieting rollercoaster, and trusting conventional medicine. We were busy living busy lives and experiencing extremely high levels of stress.

We were burnt out, overwhelmed and barely coping but always happy, always showing up, rolling up our sleeves, dusting ourselves off and simply getting on with it.

Not any more.

Change was in the air, and we were committed to embracing it. The transformation was a process, and certainly not smooth sailing. We forged ahead, implementing numerous lifestyle changes and embarking on a journey of self-improvement. My studies in nutrition led me to become a health coach and nutrition advisor, soaking up the knowledge and becoming a true sponge for all things health and wellbeing.

Why did I create Holistic Pillars?

My dream and primary motivation is to inspire, guide and support others with knowledge, tools and techniques as they embark on their own unique and personal health journey.

Along came my ‘passion project’ Holistic Pillars, created and launched three years ago – a health, wellness and lifestyle coaching platform focusing on the five key pillars of wellbeing: Fuel, Mind, Move, Rest and Connect.

It’s a beautiful safe space for sharing positive lifestyle outcomes, valuable health information, fabulously healthy recipes and blogs on everything from food macros to mountain hikes.

Why the five pillars of wellbeing?

Achieving optimal health and wellbeing is not merely the food we eat, it’s about adopting a holistic lifestyle that focuses on the five key pillars of health – Fuel, Rest, Move, Mind, and Connect. It’s a comprehensive and balanced approach.

These five pillars are interconnected and equal, and we should strive for balance and consistency across all pillars. The outcome? A healthier, calmer, happier you.

Here’s a breakdown of the five pillars


Fuel – Eat nutrient-dense, real, unprocessed food.. The concept of ‘Just Eat Real Food’ (J.E.R.F.) promotes the idea that consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible is the best way to nourish your body for energy and vitality.


Mind – Create balance through slowing down, living mindfully, creating your calm and being present. Deepen your knowledge of mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help you focus on a peaceful and balanced life.

Move – Movement is essential for supporting overall health and wellbeing. Keep movement simple and fun, let it challenge you, and do it often. We are all unique, so find the movement that suits you.

Rest – Sleep and rest are crucial for overall wellbeing and optimal functioning. Focus on quality rest to recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body.


Connect – Nurture strong, supportive, inclusive relationships and connections with friends, family and community. Engage others for emotional support, a sense of belonging, opportunities for collaboration and personal development.

Here’s what I learned as I made big – and small – lifestyle changes

Fuel ~ We were walking through life believing we were making ‘healthy’ food choices, following ‘the food pyramid’, counting calories, weighing everything and avoiding the good stuff. We finally discovered the truth about the food we eat, how it’s produced and how our bodies respond to it. Understanding the ‘food-like’ substances we were consuming was directly linked to our ill health, causing inflammation and poor metabolic health was a game changer.

Mind ~ Mindfulness is not all about meditation and yoga poses. Sure, these are fabulous techniques to promote calm. But I learned that with any form of mindfulness, it’s about what works for you. Just find ways to slow down and create your calm. My most effective way to disconnect and create my calm is to ‘pop on my boots and take a hike’, get outside, connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air ~ so simple.

Move ~ ‘Work smarter, not harder’ and have fun! What a light bulb moment. For years we were told by those ‘in the know’ to smash ourselves with hardcore cardio daily workouts to burn off what we ate. Oh how wrong they were. We learned that replacing the ‘smashing’ with lifting weights, removing the impact and stress on our bodies was more beneficial and reduced stress.  Prioritise daily movement – move for cardiovascular health, muscular strength and flexibility.But, most importantly, move in a way that suits you and giggle a lot along the way.

Our dear ‘ol friend Rest, probably the hardest of the pillars to correct. It takes time and focus, but is just so important. How many times did we find ourselves burning the candle at both ends, waking in the morning lacking energy and feeling as though we hadn’t slept at all.  I find this pillar is always a work in progress.

To Connect ~ Such strength can be found in positive supportive relationships and community. A giant leap and often difficult change is recognising and removing toxic relationships, but we took them. We set boundaries, started saying no and surrounded ourselves with those who support and love us without judgement or agenda.

10 years since the journey began

I love our story. I have embraced it, I own it and it has helped shape who we are today and our purpose.

We have been loving and living this lifestyle for nearly 10 years. We’re always transforming, always a work in progress, and have our ups and downs like everyone.  We’re certainly not perfect, but we have the tools, templates, knowledge and support crew to keep alignment and keep our calm.

There have been so many wonderful experiences and learnings along the way. The choices we are making serve us well and we are enjoying a very healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.

How I found my passion and purpose

My learnings and growth gathered along the way have formed the basis of my coaching and the creation of the Holistic Pillars philosophy. My primary focus for myself and others is always striving for calm, reducing stress and ‘the art of listening to the body’. I’m always tuned in to what it’s telling me and developing the courage to act on it.

I (and my love) have personally experienced overwhelming improvements in health and wellbeing adapting to these lifestyle changes. My exploration has been relaxed but thorough, taking baby steps and biting off one thing at a time.

Welcome to ‘Chaos to Calm’ Coaching and Programs

Our ‘Chaos to Calm’ coaching and wellbeing programs are based on our philosophy of adopting a holistic lifestyle, and achieving overall well-being through living and focusing on the five key pillars of wellbeing.

This unique program provides thought-provoking wellbeing information, insights and guidance  to support your own health journey. It’ll help you to take some simple steps to create calm and balance in your busy lives.

Would you like to make some positive lifestyle changes to remove the ‘chaos’ in your life but not sure how or where to start?

Read my full story and book a FREE clarity call for more information.

Live your best life,

Michelle x